Things To Do In Tokyo When Visiting Restaurants

There are lots of excellent restaurants in Tokyo along with the options available vary from European into Middle Eastern, Australian into Chinese, Indian into South East Asian as well as needless to say, the entire gambit of Japanese recipes that are Western.

There are a few wonderful Japanese foods available to be consumed in Tokyo.  Mentioned below are some of the things to do in Tokyo while visiting the top restaurants. Make certain one of those dishes is in your holiday menu:

Sushi or Sashimi – If you prefer it in pieces with wasabi and soy sauce or finger foods with raw, uncooked fish at Tokyo is a tasty treat.  It ranges in cost from 200 yen for one plate and may go up, based on where you consume and the popularity of this chef, to 40,000 yen and much more to get a complete meal.  Whatever is your budget, give this one a try.

Tempura – Lightly battered vegetables as well as fish dipped in sauce. When you are served the very best, this really is a melt in your mouth.

Yakitori – Meat eaters will love this one. Quite like a kebab and introduced in two fashions: sweet or salty.

Tofu – I never understood that tofu can be served in so many diverse ways until I arrived to Japan.  This is a really healthful option for all those watching their diet.

Shabu Shabu – A bowl of spicy peppers, finely chopped pieces of beef and veggies to produce a stew when you are prepared.  Pick the meat up along with your chopsticks and swish it from the broth very fast to brown.  If you would like to, dip it into sauce and then that is it.  You are prepared to consume.