Which Television Is Suited Best For 3d And 4k Video’s, A Few Considerations

Displays that have this resolution are very suitable for the display of autostereoscopic 3D, this is 3D display without the use of 3D glasses. However, there are no announcements for this yet. Some disadvantages of […]

TorGuard Adds OpenVPN Connect Options to iOS App

The reason full OpenVPN integration is restricted on the app store is due to the technology company, OpenVPN, owning the license for the open source software and protocol. Only the OpenVPN Connect iOS app can […]

Did You Get Affected When Instagram Tool Exposes User Passwords’ Accidentally?

The Instagram tool which permits users to obtain a copy of their information in the social networking platform needed a security flaw which inadvertently leaked passwords from plain text. Back in April, Facebook-owned Instagram gathered […]

Have An Idea Of Some Of The Hidden Or Spy Cameras

Tracking a space utilizing video recording equipment is rather straightforward.  There’s a huge array of gear in the marketplace to achieve this.  Listed below are a number of the several kinds of gear used to […]

Top 5 Best Handheld Ultrasound Scanners

Today the market sees a lot of release of advancement in technology. We see a rise in portable ultrasound scanners. Various companies have tried their hand at manufacturing different types of portable and handheld ultrasound […]